July 1st - August 2nd

Camp Invictus believes that gratitude opens windows  for greater good to enter into your  life.  One way of showing gratitude is by giving to others.  Therefore, we have designed several sponsorship levels to allow you to give in a way that is comfortable for you.  Just know that each dollar will afford children the opportunity to have the best camp experinence imaginable.  Many families have more than one child.  Other families' budgets will not allow them to place their child(ren) in a summer camp even for just a week.  Unfortunately, our nation is being plagued with single parent homes placing the financial burden on one parent to meet all of the household expenses and provide  childcare. 

What you give will help in such an amazing way.  It will give a child(ren) a keepsake of wonderful memories, friendships and experiences to charish for the rest of their lives.  It will also help Invictus Camp provide the best camp experience to every camper.

Transportation Sponsor                 $1,000.00

Sponsor's logo is placed on the event banner and registration forms .  A company link will also be placed onthe  Invictus website to drive traffic in your direction.  The sponsor's name will also be included in our weekly  newsletter and  all Invictus Camp publications for an entire year.  This sponsorship will provide exposure to an audience of 200 +.

T- Shirt Sponsor                                      $500.00

Sponsor's company logo is  placed on campers T-Shirt and Karate uniforms.  The sponsor's logo and name will receive exposure wherever the camper, camp counselor or teacher travels when they wear their T-Shirt.  The sponsor will also receive a monthly newsletter.

Summer Sponsor                                $600.00

Sponsor a camper for the entire camp experience.  A camper may attend all six sessions of camp.  The sponsor's name will be placed in our weekly newsletter.  The sponsor will also receive weekly updates on the camper's progress and receive a camp t-shirt and a Camp Invictus pen.

Just-4 U Sponsor                                   $150.00

Sponsor a camper for one camp session.  The camper will attend camp for a week. The Sponsor will receive a weekly newsletter, camp t-shirt.  The Sponsor will also receive an update on the camper's progress.

Donor                                                            Any amount

Receive our weekly newsletter and a Camp Invictus pen.